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NorthSteppe Realty Inc.
Apartment and Home Rentals in Central Ohio

Our Office
Click for map picture (70k)Columbus, OH 43201
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1944 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201
Fax - 298-8050
(Rent checks go to 10 E. 17th Ave.)

Monday - Friday  

9am -  5pm

Saturday    by appt.

 by appt.



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Please be careful where you park! Do not park in the McDonalds lot!
You'll be towed quickly and at great expense to you.

     One hour parking at parking meterssis available onis available on E. 17th  Avenue east of Pearl Alley
where 17th becomes a one-way street heading east.

You may also park at the church parking lottjust after turning left on Waldeck.just after turning left on Waldeck.
It is a "slide the payment in the slot" type of parking lot.

NorthSteppe Realty Inc. is your source for rental living when attending The Ohio State University.