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Bulk Refuse Collection

The City of Columbus Division of Refuse Collection will conduct its 14th annual special collection of bulk refuse in the University District from Monday, August 23, through Monday, September 13.  This special collection is done in conjunction with the annual move-out and move-in of students to prevent the alleys and refuse containers from being filled with used furniture and other bulk items.

Please note an important change in how this collection will be done:  All bulk refuse must be taken to one of 16 drop-off sites.  Due to staff reductions and fewer resources, the Refuse Collection Division will not send refuse trucks through the alleys to pick up bulk items.

If you canít take bulk items to the drop-off sites, you may contact the cityís Call Center to schedule bulk pick-up.  Call (614) 645-3111 or visit  At this time, bulk pick-up is being scheduled for October!  Another option is to donate good used furniture and household items to MAP Furniture Bank. 

More information about the dates and drop-off locations for this collection of bulk refuse can be found below.   The same flyer is also available here in pdf format.


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