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NorthSteppe Realty Inc.  Columbus, OH   614-299-4110
Rental Policy
If you are interested in renting for fall, please first look at the building. (If you wish, you may ask one of the residents if they plan to renew and if you may view the apartment.)  To arrange a showing of the apartment either; 
     drop by our leasing office at 10 E. 17th Avenue
     or call us at 299-4110
Security deposit must be paid to reserve any apartment – first come, first served. Students and persons under 23 years of age, or any student without sufficient income, require a co-guarantor of the lease by a parent or legal guardian.
Tenants pay all utilities.
Lease must be completed and returned within ten days or the unit will be put back on the market.
The 1st and last month’s rent must be paid in full for all occupants before date of move-in.
Application fee is $30.00 per resident.
Application Fees & Deposits to hold an apartment are non-refundable!!

RENT APPLICATION - A rental application for you. 
Print it out, fill it out, and come on in!


New rental payment options for all tenants of NorthSteppe Realty:

Rental payments for the entire monthly charge must be paid in the form of one check, one credit card payment or money order for the full charge amount.
Multi check, credit card or money order payments will result in a $50.00 penalty for each additional check/CC/money order received.
ACH debit option may be used per tenant with no penalty.
Click here to go to the ACH Form in the .pdf format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.
Print it out, fill it out, and send it to NorthSteppe Realty.
You can also fill it out within Acrobat Reader and then print it (but you cannot save it with the fields filled).




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