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Security Deposit Returns
Apartment and Home Rentals in Central Ohio


Your security deposit will be sent within (30) thirty days after the expiration of your lease agreement pursuant to the Ohio Lease Law.  We mail the Deposit Return to the address that you provide to us on your Intent to Vacate form.  If we are not given a forwarding address, the deposit is mailed back to the old address in which you lived in hopes that you forwarded your address through the U.S postal service.  Enclosed with the check is a detailed itemization of any and all deductions against your Security Deposit.  We issue one check per unit made payable to the primary tenant.  In order to receive credit for your door and mailbox keys, you must return them to the NorthSteppe Realty, Inc. office within 24 hours of your lease expiration date.  Before cleaning your apartment, please read this and follow it.   In order not to be charged for an item of cleaning, it should be ready for the new residents! People expect a newly cleaned apartment when they move in and that is why we demand the same when you move out.  At move in, tenants are given a move in damage sheet with which they are to document all apartment damages.  Any damages not documented on the damage sheet, the tenant will be deemed responsible for and charged.  Failing to clean, and damages to the rental unit are the two main reasons tenants receive deductions from their Security Deposit.  This memo is designed to help you minimize deductions from your security deposit. 

Carpet Cleaning - The carpets in your unit are to be professionally cleaned prior to your lease expiration pursuant to you lease agreement. You will be charged on a per room basis for carpet cleaning and/or replacement.  These charges are outlined in your lease agreement.

Walls – We consider normal wear and tear on paint after a year should require no more than light touch up paint.  If you have lived in the same unit for more than one year, this will be taken into account.  However, if your walls are abnormally marked up when you vacate your unit, you will have to pay for NorthSteppe Realty, Inc. to paint per your lease agreement.  You will be charged for walls that have holes, glue residual, black marks, scratches, and grime.  You will receive a per wall charge.  You will be charged for removal of adhesive residue from any wall or trim surface.  Rooms with thumb tacks or nail holes in excessive numbers will result in a spackling charge. 

Fireplace - Tenants are responsible to clean their fireplace.  A clean fireplace has been thoroughly vacuumed and all surfaces wiped clean with a wet rag. These surfaces include all walls in the fireplace chamber, the grate, the screen, the metal ledge facing the living room and the hearth.  Tenants will be charged for fireplaces that are damaged or dirty after the tenant vacates. 

Kitchens - Cleaning the kitchens is very important.  Cleaning the food splatters off the wood paneling and walls, ceramic tile and countertops, the doors to the pantry, furnace room doors, other doors in and near the kitchen, the baseboards, toe kicks under the appliances, and cabinets.  Scrub the floors clean.  The floors should be clean to the touch and not sticky.  Wash the food splatters and spills from the walls. Clean out the pantry and shelving in the pantry. Appliances are a MUST, stove tops, oven, microwave, and refrigerators are all to be clean of food spills and spatters and have necessary drawers, knobs, and buttons in working condition.

Bathroom - Take a toothbrush or other small brush and clean shower door tracks as well as caulked areas.   (Be careful not to scrub the caulked areas too hard, because you can you could pull the caulk away from the tile and ruin the seal) Next, take a sponge and wipe down the wall panels, shower doors, and fixtures.  Clean your bathroom sinks. Use window or glass cleaner on the mirrors. Clean out the toilet bowls.  The bathroom walls need to be wiped down with a damp rag to get rid of toothpaste, soap or hairspray splatters.  Please wipe down the door, doorknob, towel racks, faucets and faucet knobs.  Make sure to wipe down the counter top, toilet tank lid, behind the toilet, the floor and the baseboards.

Dust and Polish - Please clean all vents, registers, and cold air return grills.  Clean all woodwork, doors, and ceiling fans.  Murphy’s Oil Soap works great for woodwork and doors in your apartment.

Washer and Dryer - You must wipe down the entire exterior of your washer and dryer.  You need to remove the dryer filter located in the dryer and clean all lint and debris from it.  The floor of the laundry room must clean of all detergent, dryer sheets and trash. 

Front Door/Patio/Balcony - The front door must be washed thoroughly inside and out to remove all fingerprints, footprints, bike tracks, food, ect.  Outside areas must be clean of any cigarette butts and trash.

Light Globes - Carefully remove each globe, clean the inside and out then replace.

Light/Switch Plate Covers - Wipe down all switches and switch covers.

Locks - If you have put locks on your bedroom doors, you must put your locks back on.  If you fail to do so, you will be charged.  If you have removed closet doors, it is your responsibility to put them back. 

Don’t Forget the Little Things - May sure you clean out the furnace room and sweep it completely.  Clean the wooden sills on the bottom of the furnace doors and wipe down the furnace room doors.  Wipe off all windowsills.  Make sure all windows have screens in them.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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